Thursday, January 16, 2014

Looking to own a cuckold couple near Me

As a Cuck Dom, I have not owned a cuckold couple for a few years now, and therefore seek a couple who wish to enter this lifestyle, or are already a part of it, who live either ON the Gold Coast of Queensland Australia, or close to it so that meeting on a somewhat regular basis is feasable.

The requirements for this couple are relatively simple. I shall post those requirements below in the hope that either a Cuckoldress or her cuckold will find this ad and contact Me.

The Cuckoldress is their family Mistress, but she also wishes to be owned, used, and appreciated by a Dominant Male Who knows what he is doing.

Her cuckold's duties are primarily to serve Her in any capacity she requires. His primary functions are:
a) take care of her every need, including her financial and medical needs.
b) he will willingly attempt to find suitable lovers for her to enjoy. He gathers information about these men and brings those suitable to her attention. She is the SOLE judge of whom she has, or does not have, sex with.
c) he will bathe her, shave her, and ensure she is suitably dressed to be presented to her Sir for His enjoyment, or to a potential lover for His enjoyment.
d) he will, at her request, transport her to and from her Sir's residence, whenever She wishes to visit her Sir.
e) he will do whatever her Sir commands, knowing that any command from Him has been discussed and approved by the Cuckoldress prior to it being announced.
f) he may, occasionally, be allowed to sit in a nearby room and listen to the sounds of his Mistress and her Sir making love.
g) he may, occasionally, be allowed to sit naked in a chair and watch his Mistress making love to, and servicing her Sir.
h) he may NOT speak unless spoken to, nor touch himself when watching his Mistress servicing her Sir, unless expressedly given permission to do so.
i) he will follow any direction given to him by his Mistress or her Sir. That includes doing cleanup duty orally after they have made love (if commanded to do so), or, suck any male to hardness if he is to be enjoyed by his Mistress. It is his duty to ensure that ANY male that his Mistress will use, will be in readiness to give her maximum pleasure.
j) he will to whatever his Mistress, or her Sir, commands him to do, immediately and without hesitation. Failure to do so will result in a punishment of him sleeping in their car for at least one night (at his Mistresses desire).

That is what I am looking for. If there is a couple near to where I am who feel they seek a Dominant Male for her to have as her Sir, contact Me and we will arrange to meet and discuss this in more detail.

This is a serious search for the right couple. If you seek a Master to serve, contact Me as soon as possible.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

STOP ! Read This and DO IT NOW !

If you have read My blog you know that I am happy to help people who are contemplating entering this lifestyle, from ANY country on this planet, at ANY time, for ANY reason. What I am NOT willing to do is talk, through email, with anyone who can or will not verify their age by talking with Me on Skype, on Webcam, and on Voice. Speaking about these subjects with CHILDREN is both illegal and abhorrent to Me and I WILL NOT DO IT ! ! !

Therefore BEFORE YOU EMAIL ME OR CONTACT ME IN ANY WAY FOR ANY REASON, you WILL have Skype installed on your computer, have a Skype account and username, and Will meet Me on Skype with your webcam and microphone both on. You WILL send Me your username so that I can add you to My contacts list (and that means BOTH OF YOU), and we will speak online to verify your age.

Don't like it? Tough shit. Those are My rules and you Will abide by them to prove you are NOT a teenaged wanker looking for jerk off material.

Got it? Understand it? You either include both of your Skype nicknames and work out the difference in time differences to make us talking online feasible, in your FIRST email to Me, or don't bother writing Me as it Will not be answered.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Necessity Of Honesty

In every cuckold couple, just as in vanilla couples, lies the ability to be dishonest or to be totally honest. And remember here that sometimes saying nothing at all, and thus hiding your true feelings, is tantamount to lying to each other. When you do that, no matter if you're in the cuckold lifestyle or the straight lifestyle, you also run the risk of really messing that relationship up, possibly beyond repair. I wanted to bring this to your attention because I recently witnessed, very close at hand, what damage that can do.

A while back I trained a couple who were contemplating entering the cuck lifestyle. That all worked out fine and both agreed to "give it a go" as the Australian saying goes. He would bath her, clean her, dry her, dress her, and bring her to her Dominants home to be serviced  in what ever way Her Dominant wished. He would, after dropping her off and dependant on what he and her Dominant had agreed on for that day, either drive back home to await her call to be picked up again, or sit in his parked car again waiting for her to phone him, or come into her Dominants home to either sit and listen or sit naked in a straight backed chair watching her Dominant using her for His pleasure, then dress her and take her home again.

Her Dominant had never shown any interest at all in having the cuckold provide cleaning duties, on her or on Him. Over the relatively short time of the relationship between the cuckoldress and her Dominant, she had grown very fond of her Dominant, and of the commanding, yet mainly respectful way He treated her, so much so that she had begun to fall in Love with her Dominant, and less so with her husband. Her husband, the cuckold, had also been hiding the fact that he wished strongly to provide cleanup duties for both of them, as well as, on the one time thus far when her Dominant had arranged for four other men and one bisexual female to be at His home to enjoy the cuckoldress as well.

Since neither had been honest enough with each other to state their changing feelings and desires to each other, they grew farther and farther apart.- until, thank God, her Dominant picked up on these feelings between them, and called a meeting of the three of them. At that meeting the Dominant explained what He had witnessed, and overcoming any protestations of innocence on either of their parts finally had them both agree openly that His observation was indeed correct.

The Dominant then left the discussion, saying that He would return in two hours to see what they were going to do about the continued living in their relationship, and what they would do about their feelings now and their continued involvement in the lifestyle.

He returned two hours later to find a happy, open, loving couple, who had pledged to each other, and now to Him, to never lie to their partner or to her Dominant ever again. The Dominant was relieved as he was not in love with the cuckoldress (in lust, yes, but not in love) and the cuck was honest and said he wished henceforth to do cleaning duties on his wife, her Dominant, and any other "guests" who may wish it as well.

That relationship was saved, but only because the Dominant had kept an eye peeled for changing emotions and desires. This goes to point out yet again the continued necessity to maintain honesty in a cuckold relationship on a continuing basis. If you don't, you run the risk of destroying what you already have, and no one wants that. Though this threesome is still together as a threesome, the Dominant has suggested that finding another Dominant for her is now a priority and a good safety measure for the couples continued growth.

So, in conclusion, please, please give the occasional "emotion and need check" to yourself and make sure you remain honest with yourself and your partner.

And to those who haven't figured it out yet, yes, I was the Dominant.



Monday, April 8, 2013

New Blog Well Worth Reading, and not written by Me.

A blog worth reading:

I have fortunately just read a wonderful blog on the cuckold lifestyle, and the reason it exists. You can find it at and I thoroughly recommend it if you are contemplating joining this seeming unconventional lifestyle. However, keep in mind that the reality is that it is far from unconventional in almost any sense of the word. The amount of cuckold couples in virtually any country on the planet is astounding, but, keeping in mind that the lifestyle was originally made public in a writing in the 13th century, maybe it's not.

Anyway, do read the above blog by susan, and learn why your own body is indeed engineered to point you in the direction of a cuckold lifestyle. I have long stated that I do not believe in a monogamous marriage, and at least now I know why. As I said, if you're contemplating entering the cuckold lifestyle, read Susans blog, and Mine, here, as well.



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RULES - if you are going to contact Me

I feel sorry to have to post the following but it appears that I must do so.

If you have ANY intention of contacting Me, to talk about this lifestyle, to train you and your partner in the enjoyment of the lifestyle, or for any other reason actually - BE PREPARED to talk with Me FULLY CLOTHED on WEBCAM and VOICE, in either Yahoo Messenger, or Skype. You will do that immediately when we make initial contact or there is NO contact that will be made.

The reason? I'm sick and tired of wanking teenaged boys writing posing as adult males simply to get someone to write their jerk off material for them. Therefore you WILL talk to Me online as an adult - or I don't wish to contact you. I am NOT here to feed some adolescent daydream, nor to break the law by talking about adult subjects with children.

NO excuses will be listened to or even acknowledged at ANY time. I don't give a rats if you don't have a camera (go and buy one), or it's broken (get it fixed), or your voice microphone spat the dummy (get a new one). NO excuse, as it says above, absolutely NONE.

In that discussion everyone will be, and will remain, fully clothed and we will talk like adults meeting in a coffee shop for a chat. The purpose of this interview, as I stated above, is to prove you are an adult. Nothing dramatic about that, but in todays society it IS a necessity to do.

Don't like that? Tough shit. That's Me and those are MY rules - and yes, they apply to you just as they do to everyone else on the planet.

Remember this as if you are not prepared to speak to Me as an adult in this manner, then go find someone else to talk with. You lose out on all of the knowledge this 71 year old has gained from being involved in this lifestyle for the past 40+ years.

Enjoy your searching.... or... I hope to hear from you soon. Your choice...


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Let Me Make Something VERY Clear...

Hello All. Thank you for reading this post.

The reason it is written at all is that, somewhere along the line, people (new people I should say) have gotten something REALLY wrong about Me and about this site and blog. I need to set this record straight once and for all.

The purpose of this blog is to try and clarify to some degree things one might find in the Cuckold lifestyle, and things you might be unaware of if you are just venturing into this lifestyle in any way. It also is here as a point of contact for BOTH members of any cuckold partnership, a place where you can ask for clarification about something in the lifestyle or where you KNOW that you will ONLY get truth as I see it. It does not mean that I'm always correct in My opinion, but you can be assured that it is, indeed, My opinion and that I truly believe what I say to be true.

The reason I am writing this particular post is actually quite simple and is stated now:

I am Sick and Tired of getting email from jerk-off male cuckolds (or rather, potential cuckolds) who want Me (or anyone) to "force" or to "entice" or to "cajole" their female partner into participating in this lifestyle. I DO NOT DO ANY OF THAT. That is simply your fantasy and it has nothing at all to do with the Cuckold Lifestyle. Anyone who says yes to suggestions like that is a wanker desiring only to get His rocks off and nothing else. Is that clear???

People I help in this lifestyle do so "willingly". They are NOT forced, nor cajoled, nor enticed into it. Either she has recognized that she needs more cock (or maybe even simply more dominance) than you can give her, or she is NOT interested. If you are lame enough to not have:

1. talked with her about this lifestyle and thus guaged her reaction to it

2. read this blog in it's entirety and then asked her to do the same - then discussed it sitting opposite each other (NOT in bed - where it remains a fantasy) real actual adults do.

3. discussed with her the possibility of seeking help in entering this lifestyle so that you do not harm the relationship you already have...

then I do NOT want to hear from you.

I have been fortunate in that I have met many many wonderful people from this blog, who come to take the "course" I offer (which is totally free of charge by the way), and those who have simply asked for clarification of one issue or another re this lifestyle. I do NOT need to make more "acquaintances" to further that educational process.

So if you're considering writing Me to try and convince Me to force or entice your female partner into this lifestyle, don't waste your or My time. If you're that much of a desperate jerk-off then it's not My help you need and I'm certainly not going to assist you in your pathetic attempt to find something else to jerk off to.

Those wishing real guidance, and real assistance, in entering this lifestyle and wish to ensure that it does not damage what you already have, please contact Me. Those looking for help in forcing someone else to fulfill your pathetic fantasy? Get a life.

Clear enough?? If you find this post offensive, tough shit. I really don't care. I am not here to blow happy smoke up your ass. I'm here to try and help people, at least those who deserve that help, just as I have in the past. I will continue to do that in any way I can - whether you like that or not.

"climbs down off His soap box and goes back to whatever He was doing before starting this rant".

Enjoy your day. 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Checking Email

Hello All. I recently had a message from a relatively new cuck named Willy. Willy tried to explain his background and then asked for help. When I tried to answer him, the email I sent bounced back saying that his account (on simply did not exist.

My point is this: If you are going to write (not only Me, but anyone) and expect some kind of response - make sure your email address is typed correctly. Actually sending an email without checking that your reply to email address is spelled properly is a total waste of time - not only the time of the person you're writing to but of your own as well.

So, When ever you send email to ANYONE, and in particular to Me, make sure your reply email address is correct. That not only makes common sense but it also prevents you or your respondent wasting time.

And WILLY - if you read this, write again, but make sure your email address is correct this time.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Read This BEFORE contacting Sir.Strict

I added this to another post on here that is titled Contacting Sir.Strict. However, like many things online, people, it appears, ONLY read or skim the surface of things before doing what they wish to do anyway. Thus, this post with this title.

Let Me first state that I have NO interest in speaking with children and I refuse to do it at any time. I have recently been contacted by (supposedly) two couples who wish to discuss this lifestyle. I say supposedly because they will ask questions and expect answers but when I say "The following must be done, to ensure all of us know we are speaking with adults" they suddenly 'disappear' into nothingness just showing that they are fakes and frauds, and thus most likely horny teenagers or adults who are looking for wank material. Sorry, but that holds no interest for  Me.

The other post states this in it's content: The article is called "Contacting Sir Strict" so one would suppose that that post should be read in it's entirety. That would however be a wrong assumption. It states:

B) If I agree to speak with the two of you the following rule is NON-NEGOTIABLE. You and I will speak on one of the chat messengers (I have MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and Skype) so if you have none of those, get one. They are all free to use and to download. When we speak We will ALL be fully clothed, and remain so, and will use a webcam and voice communications. No webcam and voice capability? NO talk. It's that simple. ALL new computers (bought in the past 3 years) have voice and video capability so if yours doesn't work, get it repaired and we will talk. Do NOT ask to communicate online if you don't have a webcam and voice working from one of the three chat messengers listed above. Again, No chat messenger, No video webcam and NO voice = NO communication with Me directly at all. UNDERSTOOD ??? 

Now is that too difficult to understand? IS THAT in any way an ambiguous statement? And yes, it DOES APPLY TO YOU, and I don't really give a rats ass who you are.

When you write Me the first time, you will say, in that communication, that you wish to talk directly with Me (or wish My help with whatever problem you feel you might have), then tell Me which of the above chat messengers you have an account on (if you don't have one of those, Google it by name and download and install it on your computer - My personal preference is Skype. Like the others it is free and free to use computer to computer, but the video and sound quality is superior to the other two), and include your screen-name on that facility. If I agree to speak with you I will email you that I have added you to My list of contacts and will require you to both be online to Me the FIRST time we speak. 

If your camera or mic do not work, get a new one. I DO NOT speak, even in email, with anyone I have NOT verified as being the adult you purport to be. Simple?

If you don't understand that statement, or indeed, anything written in this post, then you have insufficient intelligence to understand anything I may say to you, and thus don't email Me in the first place.

Understood? I can not make it any clearer. YOU WILL have a chat messenger - one of the three listed above. YOU WILL have a working voice communications microphone (which may be built into your webcam which you will also have). YOU WILL have an account on the chat messenger you have chosen and YOU WILL have a nickname on that messenger. Tell Me which one to use, and your chat nickname, and when I have found you and added you to My list of contacts we shall talk, BUT NOT UNTIL THEN.

I do look forward to speaking with you, but I WILL NOT counterman this rule for ANYONE on the planet. Understood? Get it done and let Me help you.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Updates as at 21 Oct 2011

Hello all and thank you for reading this update.

1. There appears to be some confusion that I wish to clear up, so please note and pass this on to anyone else who you feel needs to know this. Thank you.

2. I presently do NOT have a cuckold couple of My own. Apparently some think I have, and though I did a couple of years ago, since they moved state for better jobs, I no longer have a couple. Am I looking for one? Hmm.. yes, in a way I am. My role with a cuckold couple is as follows: After meeting and negotiation (to ensure everyone is on the same page)....

a) The couple understands that they both are submissive to Me at ALL times, and that I will primarily serve as HER Dominant male (I refuse to use the degrading term "stud"), then as His Dominant male as well. My main purpose is to ensure she is protected and is used for My sexual enjoyment, no matter where, or when, or how that evolves.

b) The Cuckoldress will obey MY commands at all times. She will consider herself owned by Me... and should the necessity arise that I feel she requires discipline at any time, I WILL administer that discipline Myself. Normally My discipline entails a bare handed, OTK spanking, and may include spanking or slapping to other parts of her anatomy. I will always, without exception, ensure that she is never harmed.. but I will incorporate face slapping, tit slapping, and cunt slapping if I deem it necessary or appropriate. I will also, when required, spank her with wooden kitchen implements (wooden spoon and wooden wide spatula), My belts (and I have many),,, and a wooden backed hair brush. These are only what is available.. not what will always be used.

c) The cuckold will provide "fluffing" duties when called on, clean-up of My cuckoldress when she is finished providing sex, and will also offer His ass for use to anyone I deem worthy of that privilege. He will consider Himself My property as well and will obey all commands, including acting as "drinks provider, waitress," or in any other capacity I may require from time to time. Unless commanded otherwise, he will remain clothed at all times.

d) His access to My cuckoldress will be determined and agreed on at the time. When I am using her, he may, by negotiation, sit in a chair and watch, or sit in an adjacent room and listen, or leave My presence and go to another venue for as long as I say. He is NEVER to rise or attempt in any way to "join in" unless he is specifically told to do so. He will be used and that use will primarily be decided by the Cuckoldress and Myself in consultation.

So yes, as you can see, I seek a good, reliable cuckold couple to have as My own... to guide, to use, and to enjoy so that all of us may enjoy ourselves. I am NOT a cruel Master, but I am Strict - thus My name. When I give a command to My property (be it cuckoldress or cuckold) I expect it to be carried out fully with immediate, exact, and complete obedience. Nothing less is acceptable.

Thus, should you be seeking a Dominant who is knowledgeable, who will own the two of you, who will also protect the two of you, who will sexually enjoy her at any time and in any way He pleases, and enjoy him in his servitude to Me and My commands, then contact Me and let's meet and talk.

I am very sexually motivated and require a cuckoldress who will provide Me with interesting and enjoyable sex as often as possible. They both will look on Me as their Master, their Sir, who is to be obeyed and pleasured at all times.

You need only be within travelling distance to the Southport end of the Gold Coast to be practical in your service to Me. I will also require service, in most instances, on weekdays as My weekends and evenings are filled with other pursuits.

I hope to hear from any interested parties soon. I plan on fulfilling this position within the next month... so do contact Me as soon as possible, at explaining why you are contacting Me and what you offer Me.

No time wasters or children or single males need apply. I seek a COUPLE and nothing else. Are you who I seek?


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Contacting Sir Strict

You may, after you read My blog on The Cuckold Lifestyle, contact Me to discuss your needs and how I may be able to help you. The following, however, must be noted:

A) If you are looking for someone to "convince" or "coerce" your partner into becoming a participant in this lifestyle, that someone is NOT Me. I do not, under ANY circumstances, convince or coerce anyone, male or female, into this lifestyle. Either you have talked it through like intelligent adults (NOT in bed but sitting opposite each other and talking like adults), or you haven't. If you haven't I don't have any time for you. Communication between the two of you will solve the vast majority of problems you foresee now. If you can't communicate with each other your marriage will fail, and using this lifestyle as a means or a reason for it to fail I will not become a part of.

B) If I agree to speak with the two of you the following rule is NON-NEGOTIABLE. You and I will speak on one of the chat messengers (I have MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and Skype) so if you have none of those, get one. They are all free to use and to download. When we speak We will ALL use a webcam and voice communications. No webcam and voice capability? NO talk. It's that simple. ALL new computers (bought in the past 3 years) have voice and video capability so if yours doesn't work, get it repaired and we will talk. Do NOT ask to communicate online if you don't have a webcam and voice working from one of the three chat messengers listed above. Again, No chat messenger, No video webcam and NO voice = NO communication with Me directly at all. 

C) I train couples just as it says in this blog - to use the lifestyle to their advantage and to protect their marriage at the same time. That is what I teach and what I will always teach. I will, during the training period, become the cuckoldresses Dominant (and the cuckolds as well) but, and this is a BIG But - I will NOT fuck anyone, not now, not then, not ever. I do NOT do that. If needed I have competent clean assistants who will fulfil that function, but I do NOT do it Myself. I will teach her how to give head, how to entice and use her Stud for her pleasure,  and how to maintain her marriage in the mean time. I will also answer for her any question she may have about sexual play. I simply will not fuck her, or anyone else. IS that clear enough??

If you wish to contact me, read the blog, and then write and I will respond. If further contact is desired, and you wish to book training for the two of you, then you WILL have a chat messenger, and will both talk with Me there via webcam and voice. If there is no webcam or voice, contact will NOT be maintained.

And no, I will not continue to answer written questions or requests if the two of you are unable or unwilling to talk directly online via webcam.

Hopefully that is now clear to all. If not, please feel free to write and ask for clarification.


Friday, January 21, 2011

A slightly different take on the lifestyle

Hello to those reading this. It's been a long while since I wrote anything due mainly to ill health on my part which finally is starting to turn around. My apologies to those who have wondered where I have gone.

I recently helped a couple enter this lifestyle who have a slightly different take on the traditional way the lifestyle is practiced. In a nutshell, their story is this:

They are married and have been for over 20 years. They are comfortably well off, and have contemplated joining this lifestyle - but with a difference. Neither of them have a desire to see her have sexual intercourse with anyone but her husband. However.... she is an excellent oralist and simply LOVES giving and getting oral sex. Her husband also enjoys watching her sucking other males and females but as I said, neither of them wish her to have penile/vaginal sex, simply oral sex and a lot of it.

This is a very different take on the lifestyle and I personally find it a wonderful addition to the way the lifestyle is practiced. There is no chance of unwanted pregnancy, and the sensation of watching his wife orally pleasure another man or woman is, according to the husband, at least as gratifying as seeing her fucking someone. She simply loves being orally serviced (her breasts, her mouth, and her vagina and anal cavity), and also loves (like few women I've ever met) providing a very very talented mouth to please her sexual partners with.

They are both aware of the dangers of anal (rimming) sex but take appropriate precautions to ensure they are protected. Both of them can go on and on explaining their predilection to giving and receiving oral sex (he will also participate in sucking her partners hard for her and cleaning up after her oral sexual encounters) and both have found that this form of cuckolding is suited to their own situation.

I applaud their innovativeness and tenacity at continuing their foray into the lifestyle, and thought you should know that this is yet another way to enjoy the cuckold lifestyle. Remember, there are NO hard and fast rules for the way YOU participate in this age old lifestyle. Whatever works for the two of you, works... and should be mutually enjoyable.

Anyone out there ready to give it a try? *smile*..


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Can a cuckoldress have more than one lover?

I have recently been asked if it is permissible to have more than one lover? Let's go over some basics which will answer this question for you.

The two of YOU, and NO ONE ElSE, have the right to say that you can have as many lovers as you wish to have. This is YOUR choice of lifestyle. Others that you bring into it may contribute to it but YOU run the show. NO One, and I include Myself in that statement even though I am a Dom, NO ONE but YOU can say how many lovers you wish to have, should have, or indeed will have. That is a decision that must be made between your partner and yourself.

I know of a cuckoldress who has one extra lover. This lover is indeed a childhood sweetheart and though she is now married to someone else, this lover is her REAL lover. Her husband is relegated to cleanup duties on both of them (by consent of course). She has decided that this lover is the only one she has ever wanted and thus the three of them are gloriously happy.

I also know of a cuckoldress who has upwards of 45 lovers that she can call on at any time, dependent on her wishes and desires at the time. Naturally not all of them would feel an emotional attachment to her and her partner, but she is willing to accept that for regular, mind blowing sex.

Neither women are wrong in their choice of how many lovers they have. What suits them is just that, it suits them. Your chosen lifestyle, though old (remember, it's been in existence since at least the middle of the 12th century), is still today made up by the participants to suite their needs. Thus, as few D/s or M/s couples are the same, few cuckold couples are the same as well.

Remember though, it is imperative that the two of you act as adults and discuss openly and honestly with each other what you desire, and agree on a course of action that will suite both of you. Do NOT have that discussion in bed as the sex will only cloud the issue and keep it in the realm of fantasy. Sit at a table, across from each other, and speak openly and honestly with each other and mutually decide what both of you want, then go make it happen.

Indeed she may have taken the Dominant role (and now consider herself to be a true Domina) but you both need to input your ideas and honest thoughts into the makeup of your partnership. Do that and you won't go wrong. Keep it a secret from each other (and by that I mean ANYTHING) and you will ultimately destroy your partnership.

So YOU choose how many lovers you wish to have, how to handle them all, how to handle your partner, and then go and enjoy your life.

Stay safe, well, and happy.


Yes, I'm still alive *chuckles*

It has been a while since I have added anything to this blog. I have recently joined a society called the cuckold society, which tries to put people interested in this lifestyle in contact with each other. I though I should bring that to your attention. You may wish to join the society yourself and you can do that at the following website: . I hope to see you there.

And to answer any questions asking if I still train couples who are entering that lifestyle the answer is very much in the affirmative. I still believe that I can help people enter this lifestyle in safe ways so that they do not harm what they already have. Please also read this blog from the bottom up as that is how it was written. If you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sir Strict

Friday, April 9, 2010

Yes I'm still here *smile*

I have recently had email from those who have read My blog asking if I'm still around and still active in teaching couples entering this lifestyle, or not. The answer is yes, I am still here and still teaching. I realise that I havn't made a new submission to this blog since 2008 and I apologise for that. Time simply has flown by as I've been helping couples come to grips with their newfound lifestyle. Indeed, I have helped 4 couples in 2008, 5 in 2009, and am now resting simply because I recently fell and broke My left leg. It is now healing well and I'm about to resume counceling, so if you are interested in learning how to enter this lifestyle without it damaging your relationship, contact Me and let's see what I can do to help you.

And thank you to all those who sent well wishes while I've been recuperating. Stay safe, happy, and well.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hello and Welcome

If you are reading My blog I assume you are seeking competent advice on this lifestyle and how to live within it. This blog is looooooooooong *smile* and it contains a mountain of information. Thus it is advisable to bookmark this blog and read it slowly, from the bottom up, as that is how it was posted. Do not start at the top, start at the bottom. Then it will make more sense to you.

I have successfully trained couples in this lifestyle for over 32 years and have been a BDSM Dom for over 38 years. My training is FREE OF CHARGE and is here to assist couples to enjoy this lifestyle while maintaining their own loving relationship in the process.

It is suggested that both members of any couple read this blog, then sit down like adults over coffee and discuss the lifestyle. If you then wish to embark on the most rewarding extra-marital extra-sexual relationship on the planet, contact Me and let's start your training.

I am happy to receive email from you at any time but will not reply to timewasters or those who post invective. If you are real I wish to help you. If you're looking for cock picks, fantasy, or anything else as childish, enjoy your day but move on.

Sir.Strict THE DomTrainerOfCuckCpls

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