Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Few Random Questions and Answers

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This post will try to cover a few different subjects. I hope you find something of interest here. If you wish to contact Me, feel free to email Me at with your questions or ideas.

Q 1. Are all cuckolds bisexual?

A 1. Not at all. Many are, and many are not. It is entirely a choice of the individual cuckold weather he is bisexual or not. He may be totally heterosexual and simply wish his partner to have more sexual gratification than he himself can provide. He may also be heterosexual and may find that he and his partner ONLY have sex with other couples (more like swinging than a true cuckold relationship). He may also find that he is bisexual, and enjoys not only ensuring that his partner has sex with other men, but also enjoys having sex with the same, or other men as well.

As in every other lifestyle there is, the cuckold lifestyle varies from participant to participant. There are no 'hard and fast rules' in this lifestyle any more than there are in any other lifestyle.
Some men may also desire humiliation as part of their cuckolding experience and again, that is easily provided by a competent Dom or Domme.

Q 2. How is Humiliation defined and do all cuckolds require humiliation?

A 2. Humiliation is, one might say, "in the eye of the beholder". In other words, being made to stay at home and wait for his partners return, and then listen to her explanation and description of her exploits with other men, may be the humiliation he requires.

It may also be being made to clean, shave, dress, and apply makeup to his female partner to ready her for use by her Master/lover/lovers.

Also, being called to not only do those things, but also to provide what are known as "fluffer" duties for any prospective lover his partner may have, as well as being called upon to lick and suck clean any deposits left in his partners various holes by her lovers, and/or being required to suck clean her lovers cocks after they have used his partner, may also be termed 'humiliation' by many.

Others will find that they will also provide anal sex for any of his partners lovers who are a) desirous of it and b) are possibly 'waiting in line' as it were. Obviously the necessity to adhere to cleanliness issues is also of paramount importance always.So, yet again, the definition of humiliation will vary from individual to individual.

Is humiliation required by all cuckolds? No, not all, but the majority will wish for one form or another of the above. It plays a large part of the modern cuckold’s involvement and enjoyment to be humiliated in one form or another and it should be noted that if the couple has a Dominant as well, then these matters should be discussed with that all three participants to assure mutually satisfying ends.

Q 3. Why can't a couple simply do this on their own without the necessity of a Cuckold Dominant?

A 3. Indeed, for many, it can. However many also enjoy the fact that the Dominant will:

a) find suitable lovers for the female partner to have sexual relations with

b) ensure that proper medical certification guaranteeing a lack of STD in those sexual partners, and that it is evident and current and

c) ensure that both members of the couple are protected from harm of any sort.

The choice to have or not to have a Dominant is entirely up to the couple to make for themselves. If they are fortunate enough to find a competent Dominant who will satisfy all their needs for sexual fulfilment, their experience will be enhanced and trouble free.

Q 5. Are all cuckolds wimps?

A 5. Not at all. Many cuckolds are indeed very strong and Macho males in many respects. Remember, sexual inadequacy may be the result of physical deformities and medically induced inability to maintain erection (as a result of some heart and high blood pressure medications as well as some diabetic medications, and cancer treatments in some cases). Many cuckold males simply wish to find a safe way to provide the sexual gratification for their partners that they themselves are unable to provide.

Q 6. Aren't all cuckolding females’ sluts and whores and those who find them other lovers, simply pimps?

A 6. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The female member of a cuckold couple is not normally someone who will charge money for her sexual favours to begin with. Thus the term "whore", which is defined as a prostitute who charges money for sexual activity, certainly doesn’t apply in this case.

The term "slut" is historically used by other women, who point to another woman who has had either:

a) opportunity they themselves have not had, or

b) the courage to try various sexual activities and lifestyles, which they find themselves incapable of doing.

Therefore, looked at in that light, the term "slut" is actually one to be proud of and not something to be ashamed of. It denotes courage, forthrightness, honesty, and an ability to go out and get exactly what one wishes rather than sit and decry the fact that it "can't be done" and try to make oneself feel better by finger-pointing.

I hope you have found something of interest here. I will post more multiple questions and answers soon. Thank you for reading and remember, if you have a specific question or desire help in any way, do not hesitate to contact Me here or at

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