Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hello and Welcome

Hello. Thank you for stopping by.

This blog will no doubt not suit all who come across it, but it is something I feel is necessary for the help of others. I am an older Cuckold Dom, which means that I am a Dominant Male, retired, and who now finds Himself with more time to devote to the education process about the cuckold lifestyle. I have successfully trained couples in this lifestyle for over 32 years at present.

If you are offended by talk of a male who not only allows, but encourages his partner to have sex with other males and females, and who himself may also desire to be a bisexual submissive under the guidance and control of a Dominant Male who will assist the couple to find happiness, safely, sanely, and with good humor, then this blog is NOT for you. I intend over time to pass on wisdom and indeed, training, that I have found in this lifestyle and instruction of how a Cuckold Dom should treat his couple, as well as what each member of the couple should expect and work towards in their relationship with their Dominant.

I should start by saying that the Dominant can be Male or Female. In My case I am a Male Dominant and I can really only speak from that perspective.

If you decide to continue reading this blog as I post to it, you will find the philosophy I have used when in control of a competent couple who wish to expand their relationship in this manner. I am not saying that what I suggest in this blog is the ONLY way things should be done - far from it. Each relationship is different from each other relationship simply because each individual is different. Their wants, needs, and desires may differ immensley and thus each Dom/Domme-couple relationship will differ as well.

Having said that I will try to impart My reasoning and thought process of how I have handled the couples I have owned in the past (yes, it is a form of ownership and yes, it applies to both the male and the female member of the couple), and indeed, how I would handle any in the future. At the moment I have released the last couple I had so I am indeed, without a suitable cuckold couple to have as My own.


A cuckold couple is a couple (normally but not always, male and female) wherein the female is encouraged by her partner to seek sexual gratification from other males. This may be because of any of the following reasons:

a) the male has a very small cock and thus feels that he can never fulfill the wants, needs, and desires of his female partner.

b) the male, through medication for heart conditions or possibly even diabeties, has found that he no longer can raise an erection and thus wishes his partner to find sexual gratification elsewhere.

c) the male may also wish to feel mild forms of humiliation in that his partner is finding other males to satisfy her, and the feeling of humiliation is a sexual turnon to that male.

d) the male may be (even closeted) bisexual and wish to have his partner under the sexual control of other men, and also wishes for himself to be under the same sexual control.

e) the male simply feels that other males fucking his wife/partner is a tremendous sexual turnon for him.

1) the female finds that she cannot achieve orgasm because her partners sexual equipment is either not large enough, is not able to remain hard for long enough for her to orgasm, and/or her partner orgasms too quickly for her to achieve her own orgasm.

2) she always has had various sexual partners and wishes to continue that practice even though she is now married to someone.

3) she wishes to be under the sexual control of a Strong Dominant Male or Female, and thus be that Dominant's sexual submissive.

4) she wishes to humiliate her partner as she knows it is something that excites her partner and thus will submit to a Dominant's demands and control.

If you find that ANY of the above relate to yourself, you are a prime candidate to becoming a sexual submissive to a Strong Dominant and thus, if you are in a relationship that is of long standing (marriage for instance) you are part the way there to becoming a cuckold partner.

Note: to make this work, BOTH the male and female partners need to be in agreement about their sexual future and activity. They need to discuss the reamifications of entering this lifestyle - and NO - this lifestyle does NOT mean that the couple separates. Likewise this lifestyle is NOT for everyone. They will both, in ideal circumstance, be submissive to the same Dominant Master and thus join forces to enhance their mutual sexual enjoyment.

That's more than enough to get this started. I look forward to having you read this post often. If you wish to contact Me you may do so at If you have a question about the lifestyle, ask, and I will try to answer it to the best of My ability.

In the mean time, be safe, well, and happy, and greetings from the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia.

Sir.Strict - THE DomTrainerOfCuckCpls